The AbbeyEdit

Abbey 2

This abbey is located near the shores of the Mo Ce Sea in the northwestern Earth Kingdom. The building, which is hundreds of years old, incorporates traditional Earth Kingdom architecture. Having a basic design of high walls and a large courtyard, this abbey reflects the simple life of the nuns who dwell within it. Though it is situated in the Earth Kingdom, the nuns came to claim the abbey as neutral grounds even in times of war and such.


The abbey is located at the foot of a tall, wooded mountain. It is built with dormitories, storage rooms, and kitchens, all arranged around a paved central courtyard. To allow the nuns to live in solitude, none of the rooms have windows facing outward, and there is no entry to the abbey save through the main gate. At each of the four corners of the courtyard is a tower which is pierced with two windows on either side. A stream flows through the middle of the courtyard and feeds a small covered well. To the back of the courtyard is the large main hall, a multilevel building with deeply-curved roofs supported by wooden columns. Unlike the rest of the abbey's constructions, which are made of brick or stone plastered in warm tones, the main hall is wooden, with a half-timbered, white-plastered exterior.

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