Beach CaveEdit

Beach Cave

This beach cave is a system of underground caverns beneath an island in the eastern Fire Nation.


The beach cave is located on the coast of a small, crescent-shaped island. It lies at the foot of a grassy hill that sharply gives way to a rocky, black beach. The area of the hill in immediate vicinity of the cave's entrance is a steep, partially inverted cliff, though it is a more gentle slope further away from the entrance and up. The cave and the surrounding area is mostly uninhabited and devoid of fauna, though a few toucan puffins, cavehoppers, and iguana seal can occasionally be found.

The cave's interior consists of black rock, which is fairly smooth on the floor but much more bumpy and rough along the sides and ceiling. In certain places along the cave wall, the rock is sharp and pointed, though this is seen only sporadically. The entrance is large and shaped roughly like a half-circle. Overall, the cave is quite spacious and can comfortably accommodate many people all at once.

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