The Boiling RockEdit

Boiling Rock

The Boiling Rock is an extremely secure Fire Nation prison known for its history of unsuccessful escape attempts. The prison is situated on a volcanic island in the middle of a boiling lake, hence its name. The most dangerous criminals, both domestic and foreign alike, are sent here; these prisoners included thieves, traitors, and prisoners of war.

The only way on and off the volcanic island is by traveling over the boiling water on one of the two gondolas.


The Boiling Rock is a maximum-security prison located within a boiling lake in the middle of a seemingly lifeless island. The steam that rises from the lake and accumulates within the sky above it makes it impossible for airborne crafts operating with hot air to maneuver above the prison because the heat eliminates the temperature differential, making it impossible to fly. Its walls are extremely thick and made of the most up-to-date indestructible metal. Among its features are the gondola system which is the only way on and off the prison island and the isolation chambers called "coolers". Prisoners cannot escape by swimming in the lake, as they would be severely burned. Those who try to escape in any other way, or firebend, are thrown into one of the coolers.

The prison is far more advanced than the Capital City Prison. It is equipped with hundreds of cells that can all be opened simultaneously from a control room located above the cell blocks. The prisoners are all kept behind bars during lock-down hours and let outside when it best suits the prison staff. Anyone who disobeys prison orders or misbehaves is thrown into specially-designed coolers, small one-man chambers designed to chill traitorous firebenders into submission.

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