The currency in the World of Avatar is based on precious metals. All nations that use currency seem to use the same metals; however, they fashion them in different shapes and sizes.

Most nations use gold, silver, and copper pieces, with gold having the largest value, and copper the least.

Water Tribe CurrencyEdit

Water Tribe currency is blue and circular, with a hole in the center. Its shape resembles a ring, and it is thicker than an average coin. As the Water Tribe has a primitive economy based on subsistence, their economic system is not as advanced or sophisticated as those of more developed nations. Water Tribe money is accepted in certain parts of the Earth Kingdom.

Earth Kingdom CurrencyEdit

Earth Kingdom coins are mostly round, and all have a square hole in their center which allows them to be strung together. The shape of Earth Kingdom currency is the same as the nation's insignia. There is no significant difference between copper, silver, and gold pieces besides the materials of which they are made. The only notable difference is that in gold pieces, the borders are marked by a richer shade of gold.

Copper PieceEdit

The copper piece is the coin with the least value in the Earth Kingdom; it is a small circular copper coin, with a square hole in the middle.

Silver PieceEdit

A silver piece is an Earth Kingdom coin worth more than a copper piece, but less than a gold piece. It is made of silver and is the second most valuable monetary item next to gold.

Gold PieceEdit

The gold piece is the most valuable coin in the Earth Kingdom. It is worth more than several copper and silver pieces put together.

Gold IngotsEdit

The Earth Kingdom also uses small ingots on rare occasions. They are small, oval-shaped lumps of gold, with a shape resembling a boat.

Fire Nation CurrencyEdit

Fire Nation coins are much more angular than their Earth Kingdom counterparts. They vary according to weight, size, and shape, though all have a nationalistic emblem on one side and writing on the opposite.

Copper PieceEdit

The copper piece is the least valuable coin in the Fire Nation, made of copper. It is a rectangle with two concave sides and a small image of a flame in its center.

Silver PieceEdit

The silver piece is the smallest coin in the Fire Nation. It is pentagonal in shape with the national emblem on its front. Although small in size, it is the second most valuable coin in the Fire Nation.

Gold PieceEdit

The gold piece is the longest coin in the Fire Nation and is mostly rectangular in shape with a long slit running from its base to slightly below its top. Consisting entirely of gold, these pieces are the most valuable coins in the Fire Nation.

Imperial CityEdit

The Imperial City's currency is called a yuan. Denominations of the yuan are available as metal coins. The coins, which are worth varying amounts, are golden in color and exhibit geometric shapes in their design, one rectangle for one yuan, two rectangles for two and and square for five.