Capital CityEdit

Fire Nation Capital

The Fire Nation Capital , also known as Capital City, is the seat of the government for the Fire Nation. It is home to the Fire Lord, the Royal Family, and nobles of the Fire Nation. The capital is located on the Capital Island, a large island in the western region of the Fire Nation.

This city is one of the larger cities of the four nations. It has a distinct layout, consisting of a harbor surrounded by a dock and the Royal Plaza, an industrial harbor city behind the plaza, buildings and homes scattered around the surrounding hills, and finally, another neighborhood in the crater of a dormant volcano known as Caldera, where Fire Nation elite live around the Royal Palace. The city has an extensive defense mechanism and is, alongside Ba Sing Se, the most heavily fortified city in the World of Avatar.



The Capital Harbor is large enough and has enough docks to hold twelve Empire-Class Fire Nation warships, or numerous smaller ships at a time. The entrance to the Harbor is closed off by a massive sea wall, whose gate is flanked by two large ballista towers. Each tower is armed with ballistae powerful enough to fire a harpoon bolt through reinforced steel armor, and each harpoon is attached to a motorized chain winch powerful enough to lift a multi-ton submarine clear out of the water. There is a weakness in the wall however, in the form of several large underwater tidal culverts, each protected only by a rusty steel grate. The sheer stone walls of the harbor ensure that once inside, there are only two directions to go: back out through the sea gate, or through the gauntlet known as the Royal Plaza.

Royal PlazaEdit

Located in the harbor, just below the Capital's Harbor City, the Royal Plaza is an impressive structure where Fire Nation Royalty hold inspiring rallies for the people of the Fire Nation. It is also the only way in or out of the city from the sea. If invaders should somehow manage to get past the Fire Navy blockade, the Great Gates, and the Harbor's Sea Wall, they would have to contend with the defenses of the Royal Plaza. This plaza is a powerful setting that represents the dominance of the Fire Nation, and as a natural choke point it is the main line of defense for the Capital. Lined with numerous battlements with clear line of sight and varied weapons, the Royal Plaza is one of the most heavily guarded places in the Fire Nation, if not the world. The plaza is lined with facilities that hold possibly hundreds of tundra tanks for defense against invaders. It is also home to a battle tower where speeches are held before the armies. The base of the main tower has a huge garrison of elite Domestic Force troops, and features a narrow passageway through the walls that is the only means of access between the Royal Plaza and the rest of the Capital.

Harbor CityEdit

Located between the mountain and the harbor, this area supplies refined metal to build tanks, warships, weapons, and numerous trade shops to maintain the city's defense works. The industrial area is also home to many criminals and lowlifes.

Royal Caldera CityEdit

Located in a crater at the summit of a dormant volcano, this elite area is home to many of the Fire Nation's wealthiest and most important nobles, and many who do not actually live in the Capital full-time still maintain households here. This area also houses the Fire Lord's Palace, the central Fire Sage Temple, villas for member's of the Fire Lord's extended family, numerous lush gardens and ceremonial plazas. Fire Nation commoners are not allowed to enter Caldera, except by invitation of the Fire Lord, which rarely happens. Due to the limited space in the crater, many of the upper-class residences here are not as large as those in other parts of the Fire Nation; indeed, many nobles who keep a residence in Caldera often have much larger and more spacious estates elsewhere. As a result, many of the mansions in Caldera tend toward more vertical architecture, attempting to get the maximum floorspace out of every inch of land possible, and in the competition to have a place on the mountaintop, an increasing number of nobles are building homes further up the spiky peaks lining the crater.

The zigzaging switchback road to the mountain's summit is very heavily fortified; the narrow path lined with dozens of watchtowers, guardhouses and bunkers. The defenses are designed so that that in case of invasion, the defenders will always be able to retreat to higher ground and be able to rain fire and projectiles down upon their enemies.

The Royal PalaceEdit

In the heart of the Fire Nation, at the very center of Royal Caldera City, lies the Fire Lord's Royal Palace. It is here where the Fire Lord and the Royal Family reside and stands as the most recognizable structure in the Fire Nation. The palace is situated on a vast hill of rocky, barren scorched earth, walled off from the remainder of the city and defended by the elite Royal Procession. Outside of the palace walls are several gardens and villas for use by the Royal Family.

Inside, the palace is comprised of enormous halls and retains an intricate array of wings and chambers. Large tapestries line the walls and elaborate fire-themed images and moldings are laid out all throughout the numerous sections of the structure.

Royal Palace Throne RoomEdit

The Throne Room is where the Fire Lord rules, with his ornate throne seated on an elevated platform high above ground level. The chamber also serves as the war planning room, where the Fire Lord sits with his generals to privately discuss confidential battle operations and tactics. The imposing architecture of the Throne Room is designed to intimidate all who enter the presence of the Fire Lord.

Royal Palace ArenaEdit

Another chamber in the upper floors of the palace holds a partly indoor Agni Kai arena complete with seating for large audience, used to settle disputes of the palace.

Royal GalleryEdit

The Royal Gallery of the palace is a hallway which contains tall, ornate family portraits of past Fire Lords. There are bedrooms, guest rooms and even servants' quarters inside the enormous palace.

Royal SpaEdit

The royal spa is the Royal Family's own private spa. It is often commonly visited by the females of the Royal Family, given that long grooomed hair and finely manicured nails were particularly important to them.

Palace GardenEdit

Located in a villa southwest from the actual palace, this was a beautiful place of relaxation and recreation for the Royal Family and their friends. The scenic gardens have many bushes and trees, and is dominated by a large pond in the center, fed by a huge stone dragon fountain. The pond is frequented by Turtle ducks.

Coronation Temple and PlazaEdit

The Coronation Temple and Plaza dates back hundreds of years. Located southeast of the palace near a lake, it is the ceremonial spot where new Fire Lords are crowned, and where the funerals of previous Fire Lords are held.

Capital City PrisonEdit

A large, fortified stone tower located inside a hollow volcanic crater northwest of the capital. It is here where the Fire Nation keeps its most highly prioritized criminals.

Fire Sages TempleEdit

A temple run by the Fire Sages, much like the one in Crescent Island. Normally, it is here that the Avatar is taken to before traveling around the world when he or she is born in the Fire Nation. The Dragonbone Catacombs lie beneath it.

Dragonbone CatacombsEdit

Located underneath the Fire Sage's Temple in the Capital City, these ominous catacombs are where the previous Fire Lords' remains are laid to rest, and they hold many rooms and harbor secrets about Fire Nation history. The walls are adorned by the skulls of previously hunted dragons.


Deep within the Royal Crater, a series of naturally-formed tunnels wind beneath the Royal Palace. These tunnels lead to several secret, man-made bunkers, constructed hundreds of years ago. Lava pools and rivers provide natural obstacles to anyone brave and clever enough to enter the labyrinthine lair.

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