Full Name: Edit

((Your character's full name. Their given name and surname should reflect the culture their nation is based on e.g Earth Kingdom - Chinese/Korean, Fire Nation - Japanese, Water Tribe = Inuit, Air Nomads = Indian etc))

Skype Username/Wiki Username: Edit

((Your Skype username/Wiki username for reference))

Title(s): Edit

((Any official titles your character has))

Nickname(s) Edit

((Any nicknames your character has))

Age: Edit

((Your character's age))

Date of Birth: Edit

((Your character's date of birth. The current year is 728 BG, which stands for Before Genocide, when the Fire nation killed the Air Nomads off in The Last Airbender TV series. In doing so, the years work in reverse as it is a countdown, so if your character were for example 20, they would have been born in 748 BG))

Nationality: Edit

((What nationality your character is. Air Nomad, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation or Imperial City.))

Gender: Edit

((Your character's gender))

Orientation: Edit

((Is your character heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual etc?))

Element: Edit

((Is your character an elemental bender? If so, what element do they bend? Fire, water, earth or air?))))

Bending Level: Edit

((If applicable to your character, what level of bending do they posess? Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master or Avatar level? This can evolve throughout the stories))

Jing Type: Edit

((Does your character use Postive Jing, Negative Jing or Neutral Jing, or maybe a mixture? Keep in mind that Jing does not have to just be listed for combat purposes, it can be associated with your character's general behaviour and demeanour))

Occupation: Edit

((What does your character do?))

Religion: Edit

((What Religion does your character follow? Natureist (Worships Nature), Spiritualist (Worships the Spirits), Avatarist (Worships the Avatar) or Non-Worshipper (Has no philosophical spiritual beliefs)?))

Orders: Edit

((Does you character belong to any orders? The White Lotus, the Fire Sages etc?))

Status: Edit

((Alive, dead, missing etc))

Alignment: Edit

((Your character's moral alignment))

General Appearance: Edit

((Your character's general appearance, stature, facial expression etc))

Hair Colour: Edit

((Your character's hair colour))

Eye Colour: Edit

((Your character's eye colour))

Skin Tone: Edit

((Your character's skin tone))

Height: Edit

((Your character's height in feet))

Weight: Edit

((Your character's weight in pounds))

Build: Edit

((Your character's build, average, skinny, overweight etc))

Scars: Edit

((Any scars your character has))

Tattoos: Edit

((Any tattoos your character has))

Piercings: Edit

((Any piercings your character has))

Other Distinguishing Marks: Edit

((Any other notable features, birthmarks, liverspots etc))

Father: Edit

((Your character's father))

Mother: Edit

((Your character's mother))

Brothers: Edit

((Your character's brothers, if any))

Sisters: Edit

((Your character's sisters, if any))

Sons: Edit

((Your character's sons, if any))

Daughters: Edit

((Your character's daughters, if any))

Other: Edit

((Close friends, cousins etc))

Allies: Edit

((Your character's allies))

Enemies: Edit

((Your character's enemies))

Overall Personality: Edit

((Your character's overall personality. Should be fairly lengthy))

Likes/Obssessions: Edit

((Your character's likes and/or obssessions))

Dislikes/Pet Peeves: Edit

((Your character's dislikes and/or pet peeves))

Fears/Phobias: Edit

((Your character's fears and phobias. Note that fears are generic , such as failure, humiliation etc, whereas phobias are personal and often objects or emotions, such as spiders, claustraphobia etc))

Hobbies/Interests: Edit

((Your character's hobbies and interests. Hobbies are leisure activities you regularly carry out and participate in, whereas interests are things which take your general interest.))

Physical Skills: Edit

((Your character's physical skills))

Intellectual Skills: Edit

((Your character's intellectual skills))

Fighting Style: Edit

((Your character's martial art style they incorporate into their bending, if any))

Weapons: Edit

((Your character's weapons, if they use any))

Clothing Style: Edit

((Your character's generic clothing style))

Armour: Edit

((Your character's armour, if they wear any))

Background: Edit

((Your character's history. Preferably lengthy))

Stories: Edit

((Any stories your character takes place in can be listed here))

Theme Song: Edit

((Your character's theme song))