The Northern Air TempleEdit

Northern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple is one of the four temples that belongs to the Air Nomads. Located in the mountains along the northern coast of the Earth Kingdom continent, this temple is one of the two temples that exclusively houses male airbenders, the other one being the Southern Air Temple. The Northern Air Temple is the site where many important technological advancements of the Airbenders take place.


The temple was designed to be a part of its natural surroundings and to fit harmoniously with nature — large hallways harness wind and allow air to naturally flow within. It is home to the airbender monks and their students and is used primarily as a training ground for airbenders.

Everything in the temple is powered by hot air, like elevator-type contraptions to carry people from level to level and the gliders that use the hot air currents outside the temple to help them fly.

Like the Southern Air Temple, it also has an air temple sanctuary. As a result of being built for and by the airbenders, several of the temples' doors and mechanisms are operable only through means of airbending. The temple's architecture looks similar to the Southern Air Temple's, but the Southern Temple has more colorful walls and seems to be more elaborately decorated.

Air Temple SanctuaryEdit

Located inside the air temple, this great hall was originally built as a spiritual place where only the elder monks and the Avatar were allowed. Only a master airbender can open the door to the sanctum.


The Northern Air Temple is famed in particular for its holding by the Air Nomads of the Sky Bison Polo Championships, as well as its spiritual connection, as with the other three temples.

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