Omashu is the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom and the capital of one of its provinces. Only outdone in size and importance by Ba Sing Se, Omashu is a great stronghold of the Earth Kingdom, and also has its own king, although the Earth King is still considered the supreme ruler. The gates of this bustling metropolis are guarded by an army of earthbenders. This city is also well known for its famous delivery system powered by a combination of both earthbending and gravity.

The tall mountain peak on which Omashu was founded is located in the Kolau Mountains in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. It rises high out of a deep chasm and was created by earthbenders several centuries ago. Being built on this mountain provides the city with one of its best defenses; the only way to reach the gates of Omashu is across a long narrow bridge of stone that spans the sheer gorge.


The city of Omashu sits within the Kolau Mountain Range, surrounded on all sides by steep canyons and an enormous gorge. The city's three gates are composed of massive blocks of stone, each five feet thick and over thirty feet tall. As a result, the gates can only be opened by skilled earthbenders who guard its only entrance. The city itself is built on a number of hills. The palace sits on the tallest hill, which is centered behind some other hills. The city has thousands of houses for ordinary citizens and nobles as well as hundreds of shops, restaurants and pottery workshops. Most types of businesses in Ba Sing Se would be present in Omashu as well. The city also has a complex mail system, in which packages are transported using earthbending and gravity. Buildings in Omashu are generally built from stone, unlike most buildings in the Earth Kingdom, and have green tiled roofs.


Royal PalaceEdit

The Omashu Royal Palace is home to the city's king and is located at the top of the Omashu's central mountain peak. It is a palace consisting entirely of earthbending-operated doors and is be impossible for anyone, with the exception of an earthbender, to navigate it.

Omashu Sewer SystemEdit

The Omashu sewer system is a series of interconnected tunnels underneath the city of Omashu, used to transport water and sewage out of the city. The sewage system is a very dark and dank place full of all sorts of filth and unusual critters including the leech-a-pillar and purple pentapus. The sewer system ends at the bottom of the gorge and is one of the only ways to sneak in and out of Omashu.

Mail SystemEdit

The Omashu mail system is a linking slide that continues for miles in the city. Earthbenders move the packages around to a different slide which can travel to any place in the city. The truly daring and adventurous can also use it as a 'super slide'.

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