Politics of the WorldEdit

Politics and government in the World of Avatar varies significantly between the different nations. There are five basic types of political systems, each of which has a distinctive character that corresponds with the element or ideology of its respective nation. The Air Nomads have a theocracy led by four councils of monks or nuns; the Water Tribe has a tribal system which was led by two separate chiefdoms in the North and South Poles ; the Earth Kingdom has a confederate monarchy led by the Earth King; the Fire Nation has an absolute monarchy led by the Fire Lord; and the Republic City has a democracy led by an elected mayor.

The Avatar acts independently of all states as a means of maintaining peace and order among the four nations, and also serves as a mediator between Earth and the Spirit World.

Air NomadsEdit

Government system: Theocracy
Head of state: No overall head of state
Current head of state: None
Territorial divisions: Four temples Capital: No overall capital

The Air Nomads have no overall government that make unified decisions. Instead, there are four Councils of Elders that preside over each of the four temples. These assemblies consist of wise and experienced airbending masters, either entirely monks or nuns, that make decisions regarding the temple and its people. However, in comparison to the political systems of the other nations, the Council of Elders have little real authority, and only serve as supervisors or managers. The Southern Air Temple has five monks on its Council of Elders. Each air temple is administered by an abbot.

Water TribeEdit

Government system: Tribal chiefdom/Royal chiefdom
Head of state: Tribal chief Territorial divisions: Two tribes, plus Foggy Swamp Capital: No overall capital

Foggy Swamp TribeEdit

Little is known about the politics of the Foggy Swamp Tribe. However, their chief seems to have some kind of authority, although their relationship with the rest of the tribe is fairly informal.

Northern TribeEdit

Title of leader: Chief Capital: Northern Water Tribe City

Politics in the Northern Water Tribe are more complicated than in its southern sister tribe. There is one all-powerful leader, but there is a small council that advises him. Politics can also be personal. For example, marrying the chief's daughter, the Tribal Princess, can be a significant step in a political career.

Southern TribeEdit

Title of leader: Chief Capital: Harbor city

Decisions in the Southern Water Tribe are made exclusively by the current chief, and politics appear to be extremely simple, with only one person in power and all others completely loyal to that person. Unlike in the Northern Water Tribe, the chief's children are not viewed as royalty.

Earth KingdomEdit

Government system: Confederate Monarchy
Head of state: Earth King Territorial divisions: Various semi-independent provinces
Territorial divisions led by: Kings, mayors, others unknown
Capital: Ba Sing Se

Though the King of Ba Sing Se, titled as the Earth King, is the official overall leader of the Earth Kingdom, the country functions as a sort of confederation, with individual provinces and cities given a great deal of autonomy. Outside of the cities, the central government has little influence. Furthermore, the Earth Kingdom has no unified system of laws, with each region having its own legal code. These territories do, however, provide support and troops to the Earth King whenever necessary, and the military functions as a unified body.

Ba Sing SeEdit

Title of leader: Earth King

The Earth King is the leader of the government of Ba Sing Se, and by extension the entire Earth Kingdom. It should be noted that the day-to-day affairs of the city are managed by the Grand Secretariat, who answers only to the Earth King.


Title of leader: King

Omashu, though part of the Earth Kingdom and therefore answerable to the Earth King in Ba Sing Se, has its own king and is relatively autonomous of the capital.

Fire NationEdit

Government system: Absolute Monarchy
Head of state: Fire Lord
Territorial divisions: Homeland and Colonies
Territorial divisions led by: Governors
Capital: Fire Nation Capital

The Fire Lord's firstborn child is the Heir to the Fire Lord, usually referred to as the Crown Prince or the Crown Princess.

Sun WarriorsEdit

Government system: Tribal Chiefdom
Head of state: Chief Capital: Sun Warriors' ancient city

Although the Sun Warriors are firebenders, they are independent of the rest of the Fire Nation and are led by their own Chief.

Imperial CityEdit

Government system: Unitary Mayoral Republic
Head of state: Mayor

The Imperial City is led by an elected Mayor, who is aided by a council of representatives from each of the nations.