The Serpent's PassEdit

Serpent's Pass

The Serpent's Pass is a narrow strip of land between the East and West Lakes that links the western and eastern halves of the Earth Kingdom, and is one of the very few direct paths to the capital, Ba Sing Se. It is named after the giant serpent which guards it, making the pass feared in the Earth Kingdom. Most refugees refuse to use the pass, and instead cross the lake by boat.


The Serpent's Pass is one of the few direct paths to the Earth Kingdom's massive capital, Ba Sing Se. It is rocky and is covered in dangerous cliffs. Although called the Serpent's Pass, it is not as twisted as a serpent like most people assume. It is actually named after the gigantic serpent that guards it. The serpent attacks everything and everyone that trespasses into its territory, and few have ever survived an encounter with it. This makes the Serpent's Pass one of the most feared locations in the Earth Kingdom. Although many refugees over the years have passed this area, few have the courage to cross it, instead choosing the well-protected harbor at Full Moon Bay, as it provides undisturbed passage to Ba Sing Se via boat. To further warn refugees of the dangers at the Serpent's Pass, a large sign at the pass entrance reads "abandon hope", adding to the strong fear felt at the location.

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