The Southern Air TempleEdit

Southern Air Temple

The Southern Air Temple is located in the remote Patola Mountain Range, and is one of the four Air Nomad temples and one of the two that exclusively houses male airbenders, the other being the Northern Air Temple. Being on an island, it is only accessible via boat, airship or flying bison.


The temple is large and peaceful and has an airball arena. The massive facility features a sanctuary in which statues of past Avatars are arranged for observance. The temple itself primarily serves as a training ground for airbender students and is heavily inhabited by flying bison and winged lemurs. As a result of being built for and by the monks, several doors and mechanisms are operable only through means of airbending. Unlike the other three original temples, the Southern Air Temple boasts blue, elaborately decorated spires rather than the green, plain spires that adorn the others.

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