The Western Air TempleEdit

Western Air Temple

The Western Air Temple is one of the four temples of the Air Nomads and one of the two, the other being the Eastern Air Temple, that exclusively houses female airbenders. It is located in the mountains north of the Fire Nation. The temple is notable in that, unlike the other four temples, it is situated underneath the edge of a cliff instead of atop a mountain. The spires seem as though they were built upside-down, and because of that, the temple is hidden to the passerby. Its design allows wind to flow into even the deepest chambers, which makes the Air Nomads feel quite at home.


The temple was built on the underside of a cliff, causing all of the buildings to appear to hang upside down. There are steps built into the side of the cliff to allow for movement between tiers of the temple and different buildings.

The most prominent feature is a great hall of statues. The temple features some interesting recreational spots, such as a giant Pai Sho table, an all-day echo chamber, an air bison obstacle course, and a racetrack.

Another interesting feature is a series of metal doors used as shields that are located within the fountain area.

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