Yu DaoEdit

Yu Dao

Yu Dao is the third largest settlement of the Earth Kingdom and one of the richest cities in the world, a hotspot for wealth and trade.


Yu Dao is located in a wide, flat valley which is bounded by rocky terrain on all sides. The city is enclosed by a sandstone wall with one opening which serves as the gateway to the city. Yu Dao's streets are lined by predominantly low rise buildings which are built in the traditional Earth Kingdom architecture. The city is very compacted as the surrounding terrain limits Yu Dao's building space.

A wide, central pathway runs from Yu Dao's gate to the back of the city. The avenue serves as the main thoroughfare of the metropolis, and many smaller streets branch off of it. There is also a canal that runs through the city.

Businesses include: the Green Flame Inn, the Green Blaze Inn, Old Chen's Blacksmith Shop, Yu Dao Grocery store, Tasty Hotpot Restaurant, and the Sweet Aroma Teahouse.

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